True A1.0 SBP Eishockeyschläger Senior Flex 75 Modell 2017 Price: 39.00 (as of 11/09/2020 17:03 PST- Details)


Bei uns ist er endlich wieder da!!! Ein Senior Eishockeyschläger für unglaubliche EUR 44,95!!!
Bitte beachtet dass es sich hierbei um einen limitieren
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Produktinformationen ‚Schläger A1.0 SBP Senior‘
Härte:  75 Flex Biegung: TC2 (Hall/Sakic/Backström bzw. P92 Bauer)Gewicht: 560gÜberzug: Schaft mit Grip, Blatt MattSchaft Form: rechtwinklige Ecken, doppelt konkarv
Biegungsbezeichnungen sind:
TC2 = P92
HCR = P91A
HCS = P05
MC = P88
TC4 = P28If you thought TRUE was a new company, guess again. With over 14 years of experience and over 2 million sticks produced for leading hockey companies, TRUE is making a splash into the stick market by coming direct to you! As the world leader of golf shaft technology TRUE is set on providing the hockey industry with superior stick designs made from the highest quality materials and strictest manufacturing processes. Bent on providing pure domination at every level of the game, TRUE designed the A1.0 SBP and rest of the ‚A‘ series line with just that in mind.
TRUE utilized a high pressure clave molding process which they patented under the title ‚Axenic Technology.‘ The advantage of using this manufacturing process is it yields a true one-piece hockey stick and results in very consistent internal walls and shaft shape, a very low void content, pure flexural energy transfer and unmatched balance. Working alongside the Axenic Technology, Smartply Technology is the ‚recipe‘ TRUE implemented for less weight and shaft durability. Smartply tech is a laminate design that is used with up to 25 inner layers of unidirectional carbon fiber; the way the fibers are angled and the order of those angles are what control torsional stiffness and protect from impact damage while maximizing performance and impact strength.
The A1.0 SBP is made of a blend of carbon fiber and fiber glass and has a graduated mid-flex profil