CCM Premier Plus Junior. Goalie Stick 23′


Der momentan beste Junior Goalieschläger auf dem Markt! 
Erneut wieder nur bei uns zu solch einem Hammerpreis!
GRIPA new StikTak Grip has been designed specifically forgoalies and has been strategically placed to providecomfort and great control.
STIFF BLADEPremier Plus features the same stiff blade structureas our Tacks sticks allowing goalies to deflect pucksexactly where they want to.
PADDLEExoFibe weave with ZeroFlix technology, diminishes vibrations to provide incredible feel of the puck
HANDLENew raised grip. Designed to offer great control, especially when playing the puck.
BLADEExtremely stiff blade, for great accuracy and control of deflections.
CONSTRUCTIONVery light composite structure,Based on the way we build player sticks, to provide great feel and durability