Bauer Supreme One.6 Griptac Junior Eishockeyschläger HP Promo


Bauer Supreme One6 Griptac Junior
he stick is made up of high grade carbon composite materials, but features a minor percentage of fiberglass. The fiberglass would be seen on top of the line sticks due to its ability to flex without showing signs of wear, but alas, it does weigh more than carbon. The blade and shaft is extremely durable due to this material composition. The one.6 is a fused one-piece stick meaning it wasn’t manufactured as one piece. It was made in two pieces, the blade and the shaft, which were connected at a later time. Fused one-pieces are very responsive, they just weigh a bit more. The One.6 Stick features a mid kick point that is combined with the Supreme Power Taper. The two aspects make this stick high performance during the loading and release phase of shooting. The Power Taper leads to Bauer’s Pure Shot Blade Profile; a thicker throat than usually seen on sticks. By doing this, the stick is more reliable and has a bigger face area to deflect shots and receive hard passes. Even the One.6 at around $110 contains the Aero Foam II blade core. This unique foam improves the overall balance of the stick and plays a  huge roll in shot accuracy and puck control. The entire Supreme line of sticks offers concaved side walls and squared corners.