Bauer Supreme One.9 Griptac Stick ‚outlet‘, Biegung:P91 Drury;Spielseite:rechts;Flex :87 = Senior Medium

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The One.9 is made out of high grade 3K carbon composite materials. This material is incredibly lightweight, but durable. This stick is a fused one-piece, meaning it was manufactured in two separate pieces then was fused together before leaving the factory. Like the NXG, the One.9 is made with Bauer’s Monocomp technology. This implies that there is no overlapping in materials. Instead, the materials run smoothly down the entirety of the stick. As a result, the stick is made a light as possible and has impressive ‚pop‘ capabilities. The Amplified Mid-Kick is a predominant feature on this stick. Most sticks develop their power from the bottom of the shaft where it approaches the blade. Bauer has changed this, generating power from the mid point. The idea is that breakage becomes less common, and more powerful shots require less effort. To accomplish this, Bauer has made the bottom portion of the shaft stiffer, and the middle portion ’soft.‘ The shaft does contain a .520 Power Taper to assist with that whipping motion. The throat area (where the shaft becomes the blade) is enlarged relative to other brand’s sticks to increase the durability of the overall stick. This blade is a Power Core 3 Blade. It contains Aramid fibers running along the bottom of the shaft for strength. The interior of the blade features a mixture of Aero Foam II and Power Core foam. The combination improves puck handling ability and shot accuracy. The shaft contains squared corners and concaved side walls.