Bauer Supreme One.8 Griptac Stick, Biegung:P106 Gagne;Spielseite:Links;Flex :102 = Senior Stiff

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Bauer Supreme One8. Bei uns jetzt die letzten Restbiegungen zum Monstersonderpreis!
Speziell der One.8 bietet ein für dieses Preisniveau ein Handling  und Spieleigenschaften
wie ein Top Pro Modell.
Lasst Euch dieses Monsterschnäppchen nicht durch die Lappen gehen!
Preis gilt nur solange Vorrat reicht!
The Bauer One.8 is made with identical materials as the One.9. This would be the premium 3K carbon fiber. This type of carbon fiber is known for its lightweight properties in addition to its durability. With the drop in price comes the drop of the Amplified mid kick. The stick still has a mid kick point, but the bottom of the shaft is not necessarily stiffer than the mid or upper portion. Mid kick sticks perform best with slapshots and are often used by defenseman because of this reason, however, wicked wristers and snap shots can be just as effective. The .520 Power Taper is present on the One.8 model stick. This gradual taper is the reason the Supreme line gets a good rep in ‚pop.‘ Not only does the stick have a mid kick, with this Power Taper, the whip-like is unmatched in the market. The Pure Shot Blade Profile is just another amazing feature that comes standard with the One.8. The throat (the spot where the shaft and blade meet) has been widened to increase durability and strength. The core of the blade contains light Aero Foam  II. This type of foam is the reason for the balanced feel of the stick. It reduces vibrations and contributes to accurate shooting. Raised bumps are featured along the shaft, this is known as Bauer’s Tac Spiral grip. Squared corners and flat side walls are the shaft dimensions of choice for the Supreme line.