Bauer Supreme One.7 Griptac Eishockeyschläger, Biegung:P91 Drury;Spielseite:rechts;Flex :87 = Senior Medium

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Bauer Supreme One.7

The One.7 features a different construction materials than the sticks higher price than it. Premium carbon composite materials are used to give this stick its solidity. The carbon composite is more cost efficient, but its durability and strength can be compared to much higher priced materials. The material adds a little weight which is why the price drops. Surprisingly, the switch in materials is the main change from the One.8 (not bad for $50 less). The One.7 still features the Tac Spiral grip with the raise bumps that improve stick control. The One.7 does offer the mid-kick as well. Mid kick sticks generate their power from the half way point in the shaft (obviously). As a result, the stick has a lower chance of breaking. More powerful slapshots can be generated from mid kick sticks many hockey players believe. The .520 Power Taper is present on the One.7, producing a greater shot release than sticks with simple low kick points. You will find the Pure Shot Blade Profile with a wider throat where the blade meets the shaft. This will assist with puck handling and deflections, but will add to the life span of the overall stick. The blade contains a Aero Foam II core reducing vibrations, stopping unwanted deflections, and improving the balanced feel of the stick. The shaft is made with concaved side walls and squared corners.